5 Reasons why Artists should try out DistroBeat!

This article explains why you should choose Distrobeat as a distributor for your music.

  • No Record Label Needed

    In order to become a successful musician today, you don’t have to rely on a music label. It is very easy to distribute your music from home. Distrobeat distributes your music worldwide to all important stores ensures that your releases are available on all relevant platforms. As a music producer, songwriter or composer, your music generates royalties when someone listens or downloads your music. When you upload your song to Distrobeat you keep 100% of your rights.

  • More Revenue

    Back then, when you had to rely on music labels, they took advantage of that and kept a big part of your earnings. At Distrobeat we only charge a small fee for uploading the music and you keep up to 95% of your revenue. Currently, we are running a promotion where you can upload your first single or album for free.

  • Worldwide Distribution

    We are connected to all major stores like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and more than 150+ stores worldwide. You don’t have to worry about anything once you have uploaded your music to us. We collect all royalties from the stores and send you all the money together to your given account.

  • Analytic tools

    We provide great analytic tools to identify your most popular songs and releases, total plays, Location and target group analyses. With this information, you will be able to focus your marketing efforts and plan your concerts accordingly.

  • Super Easy Upload of your Music

    It’s very simple to get your own music to all-important music stores. Just follow the instruction:

    • Step 1: Just head to Distro-Beat.com and sign up with your details.
    • Step 2: Upload your music within minutes You need just a few minutes to upload your music. We will take care of the rest and distribute your songs to all our connected music stores.
    • Step 3: Start earning with every download and stream